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Q. Who joins The Yorkshire Military Band ?

A. We currently have 35 musicians from all walks of lives and ages between 15 and 65 years o

A. Woodwind, Brass and Percussionists are welcome

Q. Do I need to be an ex Soldier?

A. Definitely not. There are currently some ex military musicians but they are in the minority

Q. Is it all marching? Do I need to be able to march?

A. Not at all. Most of the engagements are concert type events but sometimes we need to do a small march.

A. If you can't march because you have health issues then we certainly wont expect you to

A. If you can't march because you dont know how to then we'll happily teach you

Q. Are all the engagements local to Barnsley?

A. No. We have a nice mix of local and national events such as Harrogate, Windsor Castle, Eastbourne, York etc

Q. What standard is the band?

A. The band looks for woodwind, brass and percussionists who are of a high standard in both playing & sightreading

Q. All this must cost a lot of money?

A. Not at all. The band asks for a small contribution on a yearly basis which is less than a coffee per rehearsal!

Q. Will I be at a rehearsal for a week or so before a concert?

A. No! We work hard on mondays and expect you to practise at home. We don't do contests like Brass Bands

Q. I dont have an instrument anymore.

A Thats okay. We can loan out most instruments

Come and see us at Shaw Lane Rugby Club on Monday nights from 19:15hrs to 21:30hrs.

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